Why Work With Five Star?

The application process for disability compensation from the VA is complicated. It can take months, in many cases, years, to win the level of benefits you are entitled to.

The main reason a case can take so long is because of poor preparation and presentation. The decision to hire an advocate is all yours. But here is what the nationwide VA benefits advocates at Five Star know from experience:

  •  Appealing a claim denial takes a lot of time and energy and may be beyond what a disabled vet
    or his family can manage
  •  It is difficult for an inexperienced individual to match the experience and resources of the VA
  •  A great many factors — including a complete assessment of your injuries, financial situation and
    ability to work — must be assessed in order to obtain appropriate benefits
  •  The potential for a successful appeal greatly increases for veterans who are represented by an
    experienced VA benefits advocate

You do not have to go through this long, frustrating process alone, wondering if you have done everything right. We have been through this before. Our advocates know what to expect and how to handle every question and curveball the VA throws at us. We deal directly with the VA’s regional offices around the country, the Board of Veterans Appeals and the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (Veterans Court), so you do not have to.