What Will it Cost For a Five Star Advocate to Represent You?

If you’ve been injured or disabled in military service, you might be in the same situation faced by thousands of vets — you might be struggling to make ends meet and to take care of your family. It’s not something to be ashamed of. Many times, for reasons completely beyond anyone’s control, hardworking veterans become disabled because of service-related injuries or diseases. Even though they would like to do the things they used to do — they just can’t.

At Five Star, our advocates understand the money worries that many injured or disabled vets face. You should know that the fees for services provided by our VA-accredited advocates will not add to that worry.

There is no charge for our initial assessment of your claim and your advocate earns a contingency fee of only 20%, meaning it is dependent upon you winning an award of retroactive benefits as a result of our advocacy. Quite simply, your Five Star Advocate does not get paid unless you are awarded service-connected compensation.

Five Star Advocates Accredited by the VA

Five Start advocates are independently accredited through the VA’s Office of General Counsel (OGC). You can validate their accreditation at the VA OGC Web site.

When your appeal is won, the VA will issue a Fee Agreement Decision to you and to your Five Star advocate with the amount of the advocacy fee. You have 60 days to contest this amount if you disagree, or you can waive the 60-day period to allow the VA to release the fee sooner.

The agreements for our advocates are closely monitored by the VA OGC to ensure full compliance with VA regulations and guidelines.

Apply For Benefits With a Five Star Advocate – Vets Helping Vets

At Five Star, we hire and train disabled veterans to advocate for you. Let us put our expertise and experience to work for you so that you can prepare and present your best case – now.

Although some disabled vets consult lawyers about their claims, your best option is the VA-accredited advocates at Five Star. From New York to Florida to Alaska, you can the find help you need with your veterans benefits claim. So, no matter where you live, don’t hesitate to call.