My name is Retired Senior Master Sergeant(E-8) Richard Schultz. I PROUDLY served my country for twenty two years, nine months, and sixteen days. During my tour in Vietnam I was exposed to Agent Orange and in fact even sprayed it one time on my assigned base. Several years after retirement I contracted Prostate Cancer and was awarded 40% disability, when others I worked with, who had the exact same symptoms and surgeries I had received 80% to 100%. I contested the 40% on THREE occasions and was turned down each time by the VA. I should write a book on how I was treated by the VA, who is suppose to “look out for its Veterans”.

One day and I do not remember how, I contacted or was contacted by the Five Star organization. After hearing my story I was told to send all of my military paperwork and all the documents I had submitted and received back from the VA over the five to seven. Your agent (AND I AM TOTALLY EMBARRASSED TO SAY) I do not know how to spell his name was nothing but CARING and PROFESSIONAL with me. He worked very hard for me and I was given another VA physical. The physical exam showed what I had been trying to tell and show the VA the past years. Within fourteen days of the physical my disability rating went from 40% to 80%. It is effective November 1, 2016.

To Mr. Berman, the lawyer who represented me, you are a God send. Thank you so very much. If I hear from any other military veterans who the VA has mistreated, I will gladly give them your company name and telephone number.


Master Sergeant (E-8) Richard E.Schultz Jr.
Martinez , GA



Thank you again for all that you all do for us vets as is it not easy to get the process going without an organization like Five Star fighting for us.

Thank you,

David F.